Meet Your Doula

Welcome Friend!

My name is Tichanda and I am the Doula behind DoulaBox!

I'm a #boymom of 3 and a BEST Certified Childbirth Educator and Doula. I dreamt up the idea of gifting a doula to all my friends when I was pregnant with my second son. My doula focused on ME and helped me understand the options and resources available to me during my pregnancy. She showed me how to care for myself and take time to honor my passage and transition into motherhood. As a result, the confidence that I had in myself and my ability to birth, led me to have 3 joy-filled home births.

Every pregnancy and birth experience is unique. And what birth looks like for you may be drastically different from what I wanted for myself. But I believe that every mom deserves to feel confident, informed, respected, listened to, empowered and most of all supported during her pregnancy and postpartum period.

I hope that when your DoulaBox arrives each trimester it will be a reminder for you to take time, slow down, reach out, ask questions, reflect, and connect with yourself. Whether you journal, or meditate, steep a soothing herbal tea, blend a nourishing smoothie, or roll out a mat and curl up into a Child's Pose - take this precious time to honor yourself. It is so needed. You and your baby deserve nothing less.

I am here for you and happy to answer any questions. I also offer virtual doula services as well as online childbirth and breastfeeding classes. Consider me your personal doula concierge! Reach out to me anytime at Be safe and blessed!

Your Doula,


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