2nd Trimester Box

2nd Trimester Box

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Welcome to #BumpLife!

This DoulaBox contains a customized mini 3-ring binder, and has info and resources to help with the 2nd Trimester of pregnancy. 

Information and activities address nutrition, essential oils and herbal remedies. Birth planning and connecting through art and ceremonial traditions are also a part of this box.

2nd Trimester DoulaBox contains a custom Mini 3-Ring Binder with a 12 month calendar, as well as Natural & organic Gifts and activities depending on the trimester.

Also included:
*Your Birth Plan
*Inside your pregnant body
*Your Appetite
*Herbs for pregnancy
*Oils and Aromatherapy
*journaling prompts
*how your body changes
*hiring a doula
*how to make a birth plan
*herbal remedies
*prenatal exercises
*nutrition info
*healthy recipes

Additional Products include:

*Balm for Belly and Body ( Great for Stretch Marks!)
*Aromatherapy flaxseed Pillow (hot/cold)
*10ml Lavender for Aromatherapy
*Nettle Tea & Pregnancy Tea
*Candle for Birth Altar

*Fertility Crystals and Guide
*2nd Trimester pamphlet that covers physical and emotional changes, as well as development of the baby from month 4-6

Each DoulaBox will support you as you prepare for
YOUR pregnancy, YOUR way!


Also includes recipes, exercises, birth affirmations, herbal teas and more!

(Individual Box  - Not a Subscription)

 **Please Put the Due Date in Seller Notes When Ordering**